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Sightseeing in Aruba: The Butterfly Farm

By far one of the most beautiful, enjoyable, and impressive attractions in Aruba is “The Butterfly Farm” in Noord, a haven for both native and exotic butterflies on the island. Founded in 1994, hundreds of butterflies call this lush, tropical, and quiet paradise home. And, boy has every effort been made to keep them happy! Sliced, ripe fruits lay on a few tables, where butterflies flutter by and occasionally pause to drink from them. According to our short, stationary 20 minute tour, fruit left to ferment for more than a few days can cause the butterflies to literally become intoxicated and drowsily bask in the sun for the rest of the day. Funny as it is, they switch out the fruits every few days in order to ensure they don’t poison themselves or get into hijinks.

It was truly breathtaking watching colorful, iridescent butterflies in their little tropical oasis. Every stage of butterfly development takes place, from showing us tiny Monarch Butterfly eggs on the milkweed, hungry munching caterpillars, and the little chrysalis hanging from the homemade shed. Some of these butterflies are so calm and friendly, they’ll even land on people’s hair, shoulders, and backs. In companionship with the variable butterflies, koi swim through the little pools and a pair of light blue parakeets chirp on the vines. Although entry to the Butterfly Farm is $16, it also secures a free visit back. Whatever you do, don’t miss a trip to the Butterfly Farm!

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