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Castle Valley Horseback-Riding In Moab Review

Mama Jen (one of my moms) and I took a trip to Moab, where we did a horseback ride to Castle Valley with Moab Adventure Center. The ride is two and half hours long, and on it you ride with two cowboys and a couple other people past Castle Valley. My Mom and I loved the ride, although my mom had a bit of trouble dealing with some of the quick heights, which were in the form of some of the small cliffs that we passed. Here are some things that you may enjoy about the ride, and some things that you might want to consider before you go on the ride.


Picture of a lizard taken by me

First off, one of my favorite things was that you got to see different kinds of animals. There were lots of reptiles, like lizards and amphibians, like toads (or frogs?) on the path, and there were also lots of insects in the air, some of which were quite a bother to the horses, like horseflies. Above is a picture I took of a lizard with my old camera. I like the markings on it, how the head seems to be almost yellow while the rest of the body is green. One of the cowboys on the trail said that, sometimes, herpetologists (those that study things like newts, amphibians, and reptiles), come hiking through here, and wander through the valley for up to a couple days looking for specimens. The lizards were pretty brave around the horses, and didn’t run away when the horses came up to them. I’m no herpetologist, but I did some research and I believe that the lizard above is a common collared lizard.


A picture I took on my horse

Another thing that I liked was the terrain itself. It was like being on Mars! They say that some of the rough, unusual terrain of Moab is because of an ancient sea that used to be there. Hard to believe, right? Also, a lot of the deep canyons are because of rivers that once flowed through them. Here’s a fact: Canyonlands, Moab is a very visited tour spot.  We saw lots of Europeans while we were there, when we went to some of the feature attractions.


A picture of me and one of my moms

Now, here’s a couple things that you might wanna remember when you go horse back riding on this tour. When they say it’s two and half hours, it’s two and a half hours. Be prepared for your butt to hurt at the end of the ride. Also, it’s really hot, so bring lots of water and a sun hat. Besides that, you can certainly enjoy the ride. I really liked the cowboys that were on the ride with us, because they told lots of stories about the terrain and what had happened there. If you visit Moab, I highly recommend taking this horseback riding trip, especially if you love animals like me!


Here’s a link to the Moab Adventure Center where you can book your tour:


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