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The Steak Stealer

My latest fiction story starts in the kitchen!

My latest fiction story starts in the kitchen!

“Zoe, come and help me cook!” hollered my mom.

I wanted to stay outside to finish examining an ant but I saw no point in arguing.  I strolled inside, “It smells delicious in here, what are you cooking?”

“I am cooking a steak,” she said smoothly, tilting her head at the steak on the other side of the room.  “Will you stir the seasoning, please?” I nodded and grabbed a large cold, spoon from the dusty cabinet.  I started stirring but stopped as a delicious smell wafted into my nose.  I stuck my finger into the goo.  When I shoved my finger in my mouth it tasted sweet and salty.

As she drizzled the seasoning on the steak, I washed off my hands.  After that, I stood back and pet my dog, Lily. She licked my finger to get any remaining sauce. Suddenly, my mom exclaimed, “Oh, I forgot the vegetables!” Then she walked out to go to our pantry. While I was distracted by a moth, my dog inched over to the steak.  She got closer and closer until she hopped up on the counter and snatched it.

Lily immediately took off.

I found her sitting on her bed looking quite comfy with the steak in her mouth.  I pointed at her and said, “I am going to get you!”  Her eyes turned wide as dinner plates. She got up and sped around the corner.  I turned around the corner and followed her down the stairs.

At a sharp corner, I slammed into a wall.  The moment I hit the wall, I started shaking like a rattle and fell. “Darn it,”  I muttered, rubbing my head.  As Lily sped away, I heard howls of laughter, mixing with Lily’s crazed barks.

I stood up slowly, trying to balance and take my chance of catching her before she ate the steak. It did not seem likely, and I headed back to the kitchen. “What if Mom is mad at me for losing the steak?” I said over and over in my head.

I nervously entered and heard my mom say, “You know you couldn’t have gotten the steak back, right?”  I was so surprised by what she said.  She wasn’t mad!

I sat down and asked, “Then what are we going to have for dinner?”

“Let’s get sushi.”

Once we were home, I walked into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and pulled out the floss string and wrapped it around my finger before putting it into the cracks between my teeth.  After I was done, I clambered under my pink blanket. Then my mom walked in and gave me a kiss. She murmured, ”Good night, Zoe.” Then she yawned and stumbled out.

A while after my mom had walked out, Lily walked in, and I said sarcastically, “Your diet is amazing, dog.”

As if gloating, she licked me on the nose.  Her breath smelled like steak.


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