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Great Gifts that Help Animals and Families in Need


1. Help an Animal and its Habitat. The World Wildlife Fund (“WWF”) will let you adopt an undomesticated tiger. No, they don’t ship tigers to your home but they do use the money to save the tigers by preserving their habitat. They also let you adopt rhinoceros, elephants, giant pandas, orangutans, polar bears, walruses, lions, whales, gorillas, sea turtles, Amur leopards and A LOT of other animals. Their organization is also great because they keep poachers away from the animals. A family friend helped me preserve a Bengal tiger as a gift. The tiger’s name is Kamrita, and she lives in the Chitwan National Park in Nepal. The WWF sends me updates on the tiger. Kamrita had twin male cubs in 2012. They recently told me that her daughter, Ranu is showing signs of being pregnant. I really enjoy seeing the tiger and her family thrive. I really recommend this for someone who is looking for an interesting cause that helps animals a great deal.

2. Donate a Goat to Family in Need. Episcopal Relief and Development will let you give a gift to the less fortunate by giving them a goat or other livestock. You don’t have to actually have a goat to help. You provide the money and they provide the help for people in need. One of my other family friends bought me the gift of a goat shipped to a family in my name. I like how the gift is going to a family in need. Goats are especially good because it is, as the company states “A gift that keeps on giving.” If the family doesn’t eat the goat, it can provide milk and cheese and can also be good for trade. You can also donate fruit trees, a garden, oxen and a cart and bees with honey. In addition, you can give a well and water systems, nurture and nourish early learners, disaster relief kits, education for children affected by AIDS and clean water.

If you want to donate go to this website:


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Wise Words

"Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if a person or animal is at stake."
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter."
— Translation of African Proverb

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