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Five Cool Books About Animals (Of Course)!

1. You’re My Dawg, Dog? This book is basically different terms that have dog in them. They put a dog phrase, and then tell you what that phrase means. For instance, one page says “dish dog “– a dish washer. I think You’re My Dawg, Dog is a fun book if you want to learn words and read about animals at the same time. There are some pretty interesting ones, like “dog end” — a cigarette butt. Another one is “dogs”– feet, feet that ache in fact. That is why people say, “I got to rest my dogs!“ If you are in need of humorous book, this is the book for you.

2. Dogs On Duty. The book is about dogs in the army. What this book taught me is that soldiers aren’t the only ones serving and protecting our country. One of my favorite aspects of this book is that it tells me the many ways dog help the army. For instance, dogs can carry messages, help alert medics when someone is hurt, intimidate enemies, comfort the injured and scout when enemies were coming to attack a base camp. If you want to learn more about how dogs help in the military and about some hero dogs, you should go get this book!

3. Leo The Snow Leopard. One of my favorite animals is a snow leopard. I find them “majestically awesome.” This book is about ( you guessed it) a leopard named Leo. This book is the true story of a touching animal rescue. The leopard was found as an orphan. The man who rescued Leo realizes it needs help when there is no mother to be found. The elusive cub was under a lot of stress, when the man first found him. Caring for such a delicate creature is hard (not like I know that personally, but the book describes this.) A marvelous fact about this book is that it shows how close of a bond humans and animas can have. In the end, I don’t know if the man saved Leo or Leo saved him.

This is one of my favorite books!

This is one of my favorite books!

4. Unlikely Friendships. (I was wondering when I was going to do a post on this.) Well, this book really ponders “can interspecies friendships really exist? “ Some stories tell you about creatures that don’t have very many bonds with their own species, yet still have friendships with other animals, for example a tortoise and a hippo. Others are just crazy like a snake and a hamster. Can you even imagine a snake and a hamster cuddling together? All in all, if you just need a way to warm your heart, this book would be great for just that.

5. Last but certainly not least, Face To Face With Wolves. It is a book that has true stories about wolves and people. One thing that I think is most charming is that it tells me about a young volunteer picking up sedated pups in Yellowstone and flying them to Canada. This volunteer is one of the many people helping relocate wolves to populate places where there are not that many wolves. I really like this book for its retelling of stories of humans helping wolves. If you are into that kind of stuff, I am sure you will enjoy and cherish reading this book.


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