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My Trip to Galapagos: Part 1

I went to Galapagos over the summer, and my trip was so long I am going to make more than one post. So, from Denver, Colorado, I went to Atlanta and I played with my cousins. I met up with my grandparents to go to Quito, Ecuador. Quito is the capitol of Ecuador. I went with my grandparents there. The flight from Atlanta to Ecuador is 5 hours!!

Once we got there, we went on a tour, and, on the tour, I learned that McDonalds there are more expensive than fresh fruit. I also learned that guinea pig is a common food there. I tried some guinea pig! It tasted like a really buttery turkey and was actually pretty good ( guinea pig pet owners beware!!).

Guinea Pig ... YUM!?!

Guinea Pig … YUM!?!

Then we went to the equator, where it is the equal distance between the North Pole and the South Pole and divides the earth into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres!  I balanced an egg on the equator (not sure if the science of this is real or not but it was fun). Then we saw a real shrunken head (YUCKY ).

At the equator with Grammy, Mama Jen and Pop

At the equator with Grammy, Mama Jen and Pop

At another spot on the equator

At another spot on the equator

Next, we traveled to a coastal city named Guayaquil. We saw a lot of sea lions there.  We also went to an iguana sanctuary, and there were iguanas everywhere. They were bright green land iguanas.

Then, we met up with all the people that were going to be on Isabella II ( the yacht) with us. We all took the flight to Galapagos early in the morning. In my next post, I will tell you about what I saw in Galapagos.  For  you animal lovers, I saw a bunch of animals in Galapagos.

P.S. I started a YouTube page so I can post videos on my blog. Check out my YouTube channel!


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