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A Camp So Good …

I had to write about it!

Hey, everybody. I know you haven’t heard from me in a while. I was just trying to find something to write about, and now I have a review to tell you about!

So, the Dumb Friends League (you might have heard of them) is an animal shelter. I just recently went to camp there. (A BIG SHOUT OUT to Ms. Kelsey, Ms. Donna and Ms. Nicole!)

I had a lot of fun learning about animals there. If you need a good animal camp, this is the one to go to. First, we play a bunch of animal games, such as the overpopulation game. Second, we go behind the scenes and see things people normally wouldn’t see, like the grooming station. Third, we get to interact with the animals and train them. We got to play with a rat named Bear, for example.

I think this is a really good camp, and, if you want to adopt an animal, they are great for that, too!



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Wise Words

"Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if a person or animal is at stake."
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter."
— Translation of African Proverb

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