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My First Fiction Story

So my teacher gave us a writing prompt about, if you had to pet sit a monkey named Howie, and here is what I wrote:
This is what Howie looks like if you are wondering.

This is what Howie looks like if you are wondering.

“I am counting on you Zoe.”  The owner said to me.
“I am going to the Amazon to get Howie a friend.”  I smiled as she muttered, “I know you know that it is hard to find a proper pet sitter, and, I know that you are the best at keeping strange and weird animals.”  She was peering at the black and white rats clinging to my shoulder.
Then, without hesitation, she handed me a pale brown monkey that was only as big as my head.
“This is Howie.”   He sniffed me carefully and jumped nimbly onto my head.  I giggled as she said, “Now, I will show you around the house.”  She showed me around and left at once.
I sighed and walked into the kitchen to get a quick snack.  I left him to play.  I came back and found him clinging to the chandelier.
“Howie!” I stammered, holding my energy bar, as the monkey hung from the little diamonds, dangling.  Then I grabbed a ball, and he leapt down to get take it from me.  He quickly grabbed it and before I could nab him, he scrambled back up to the chandelier.  The next day, when I came over, he was still in the place I had left him, on the chandelier.
This time, I had researched and found that monkeys love bananas. I grabbed on from the fridge and he greedily jumped on me and ate the banana.
For the next week, we played. When the owner came home, we were playing dice and having a party with his animal friends.
“Wow!”  the owner exclaimed, with a gleaming smile.  “This is amazing!”  She happily handed me $100.
Howie smiled gratefully at me, as I walked out the door.


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Wise Words

"Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if a person or animal is at stake."
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter."
— Translation of African Proverb

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