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10 Cool Facts About Bats

Me at the presentation with Rob Mies for the Organization for Bat Conservation

Me at the presentation with Rob Mies for the Organization for Bat Conservation

Several months ago, I saw a bat presentation at the nature and science museum. I saw lots of different types of bats and that got me thinking about them. So I did some research, and I came up with these 10 cool facts about bats:

1. In spring, female Noctule bats may not just give birth to 1 bat but 3 bats!

2. The False Vampire bat eats many things including small rodents (rats beware!), birds and even other bats!

3. Some bats can live to be up to 20 years old, that is one old bat!

4. Bats may live up to 20 years but just wild bats can live to be 30 years old!

5. The Fisherman’s bat pin points exactly where fish are under the water to catch them!

6. This bat also has long, sharp claws to catch the fish it finds.

7. Here is another bat with a huge appetite: The Large Slit-face bat eats bats, birds, scorpions, sunspiders, frogs and fish! (Yikes, that is a lot of food!)

8. The Pari-Colored bats’ mating call sounds like a metal grinder (talk about tough love!)

9. Tent Building bats make tents (not surprising) by biting palm tree leaves to make a water proof home!

10. Humans going into caves sometimes cause a female bat to drop its baby and the baby will either drown or get eaten by the cave floor’s inhabitants (oh no!!!!)

So these are ten bat facts I learned, and I hope you enjoy them!

A Note from Mama Jen

Zoe typed this one herself! Woo! Hoo!

Zoe always writes the content for her posts, but she typed this one herself, too! Woo! Hoo!


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