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Investigation: Is PetCo Selling What We Need for Our Pets? (Part 2)

You might remember from the first part of this investigation that I found what types of pets are the most popular. My hypothesis that mammals were most popular was correct.

This made me think about what the PetCo near me sells. I didn’t think almost half of the PetCo was for fish products. So, I counted the rows and displays of products at PetCo to see if they sell as many products as there are pets people have.

I found that most of the stuff there is for mammals:

In fact, 82% is for mammals at the PetCo near me, even though mammals are only 50% of our pets. Forty-two percent of our pets are fish, but only 8% of products were for fish at PetCo.

So, I have a couple of hypotheses about why PetCo might have SO much stuff for mammals:

1. The stuff for dogs and rats is bigger than stuff for fish. Here’s me sitting on top of our dog food, with our rat food next to it and with our fish food (the tiny bottle.)

2. Another reason might be that people like to buy their pets things like clothes and toys — not things you really buy for fish, but people do buy this stuff for dogs, cats, etc.

In the next part of this investigation, (this is a really BIG investigation!) I will find out whether these hypotheses are true. So, stay tuned!


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