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Can a Dog and a Wild Animal Be Friends?

by guest blogger Jaeden, age 9

I was reading in National Geographic Kids about a dog and deer being pals. The dog and the deer became friends, because the dog went outside and found a deer.

The dog was a Great Dane, a very large dog that kind of looks like the cartoon character Scooby Doo. If the Great Dane put its paws on your shoulders, it would probably be as tall as a grown man.

The deer was a black-tailed deer. The black-tailed deer can weigh about 90 to 200 pounds. They can eat poisonous oak, because they have a very tough stomach.

Once the deer found its herd, the Great Dane was very sad to see it go, but the black-tailed deer still visits once in a while.

Check them out:

Guest blogger Jaeden is 9 years old and has two pet rats … and a dog on the way!

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