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A Mouse That Howls!

I was watching Untamed Americas from National Geographic this weekend, and I learned about a mouse that apparently howls! It also is carnivorous, so it eats scorpions, millipedes and even other mice.

It’s called the grasshopper mouse. It’s very smart. When it comes upon a pinacate beetle, which sprays a toxic spray from its butt, the grasshopper mouse pushes the beetle’s butt into the ground and eats off the good parts, leaving the beetle’s butt in the ground!

Want to see the grasshopper mouse howl? Check it out!

Learn more about this cool animal on Episode 2 of Untamed Americas and at the Desert Museum Digital Library.

Also, if your parents will let you, download and play the Howling Mouse game! (The first screen is free to play.) It’s fun, because before you start the game, you howl. You also collect grasshoppers and scorpions like the real mouse does. In my opinion, it’s a fun game.

The image of the grasshopper mouse I used on my home page is from the Tuscon Citizen.

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